Here is where I lift up my living elders and reflect light back to those who are directly influencing my work.  Some of these people are more formal mentors or colleagues – others have a more familial relation.  Yet others work through me by the tools they have brought into the world or the healing they have facilitated in me.

Anna Hunt is the author of The Shaman In Stilettos.  This book has encouraged and inspired me onto my path.  Halfway through reading the book, I knew I needed to meet her.  Anna's ceremonies and workshops facilitate profound healing and insight.

Danielle Noel is the artist behind The Starchild Tarot, which is one of the decks that I use.

Ellen Lorenzi-Prince is the creator of Tarot of the Crone.  This deck has been and continues to be a deep soul teacher.

Eroca Nicols is my spiritual big sister.  She gave me my first tarot experience and provides readings that will blow open and expand your perspective.  She is also an awesome choreographer, teacher and queer healing facilitator.  You can contact her at:

Frédéric Gies is my Papa.  He catalyses transformation through somatic resonance, celebration, dance and their ancient roots.

Jeffrey Hinshaw is my tarot mentor.  He is a beautiful guide in personal myth-making, as well as giving tarot and astrology readings from an embodied perspective.  He is the founder of the Brooklyn Fools Tarot Journey and the host of Cosmic Cousins, a weekly astrology podcast.

Julia Wolf is the founder of Happy Healings.  She is my Reiki Master; providing in-person and distance work with tarot and reiki from her Stockholm base.  She offers joy and brightness in a city that is dark for many months!

Maija Ahola is co-founder of Pranama.  Her classes offer the opportunity to attune to your base rhythm and deeply regenerate through the parasympathetic nervous system and the strength of support that offers.

Pavle Heidler is my partner-in-crime.  Through their work with The Process of Materialisation of Fiction and The Moon Practice – not to mention our endless discussions – they are the strongest teacher for channelling I have known.

Satu Tuomela is co-founder of Pranama.  She is the only yoga teacher I have met who works with the basement of our being.

Shannon Cooney is a dance artist and craniosacral practitioner based in Berlin.  Her teaching and treatments have introduced me to the perceptual and fluid dimensions of alignment – working in a way that is both crisp and expansive.